Elevate Your Leadership Team With Alor Solutions Conscious Leadership Development Program

Unlock Your Teams Potential

Conscious leadership fosters a culture of accountability, empathy, and ethical decision-making. By enrolling in our program, your company can drive sustainable success through improved employee engagement, increased productivity, and stronger organizational resilience.

Lead with Conviction

Conscious leaders are forward-thinking and adaptable. Our training helps leaders develop a growth mindset, encouraging innovation and continuous improvement. This not only helps in staying competitive in a rapidly changing market but also in fostering an environment where creativity and new ideas thrive.

Why Choose Alor Solutions' Conscious Leadership Program?

Transformative Approach: Our program integrates the Hawkins Scale of Consciousness and HeartMath Institute concepts to cultivate a holistic leadership style, enabling you to lead with clarity, empathy, and resilience.

Proven Success Strategies: With a focus on eliminating self-sabotage and achieving goals, our training provides actionable strategies backed by scientific studies and real-world examples to ensure your leadership success.

Comprehensive Curriculum: Over 13 months, engage in monthly and weekly training sessions filled with exercises, case studies, and practical applications designed to enhance your leadership capabilities and foster continuous growth.


Rola Diab is a seasoned Leadership Development Consultant and former President of a $100 million brand, with a proven track record in driving organizational success through innovative leadership training and development programs. As the Founder of Alor Solutions, Rola has facilitated leadership development for multi-billion dollar and Fortune 500 companies, delivering customized coaching and consulting services to executives and managers. These services help clients navigate challenges, drive innovation, and achieve strategic goals.

With extensive experience in designing and leading impactful workshops, Rola has significantly improved team collaboration, communication, and conflict resolution skills, contributing to a positive company culture and higher employee engagement. At Hotel Collection, Rola was responsible for revamping operations, managing multiple departments, and implementing strategic initiatives that increased productivity and cost savings.

Rola is dedicated to empowering leaders to achieve their full potential and drive sustainable business growth, making her an invaluable asset to any organization.


Rola Diab has been the President of a 100M brand, trained multi billion dollar companies and the Fortune 500.

After a certification as a high impact results coach through the Robbins Madanes Coaching program, Rola transitioning from a successful 20-year sales career and launched Alor Solutions

She grew the business over 6 years working mainly with CEOs and C-Suite leaders delivery leadership development and executive sales strategies. 

Speaking on stages around the world Rola has been a key not speaker and award winner in her field.

Most recently, Rola was President of a $100 million lifestyle, global brand and subsequently founded an AI sales and marketing agency to support small to mid-sized businesses. 

Effective leaders know how to inspire and unite their teams.

Our program equips leaders with the skills to enhance collaboration, improve communication, and resolve conflicts effectively.

This results in a more cohesive and motivated workforce, capable of achieving Lasting Results.